The owners of this commercial site had several needs. The access to the bank from the parking area was interrupted by flowerbeds along the curb. Secondly, many patrons of the bank would walk through the flowerbeds to access the bank & adjacent businesses. Finally, the landscape that existed was old & unattractive, in need of a makeover. We added a concrete walkway, with ADA ramp, bordering the parking area. A low hedge was added around the back side of the flowerbed to prevent pedestrian access. Multi trunk Crape Myrtle 'Pecos', red Flower Carpet Roses, and variegated Society Garlic were added for color.

I collaborated on this project with my former mentor. He worked with a local pool builder to design the water feature. I was very adamant about incorporating some native plants into the design due to the nature of the site- a native casino located in the foothills of central California. Understanding my sensitivity for the cultural component of the planting, my mentor turned the plant design over to me. As a result, we incorporated Deer Grass, Redbud, and Manzanita in addition to drought tolerant ornamental plants.

This commercial site was in serious need of a landscape makeover. The existing trees and shrubs were misshaped and detracted from the office building. The owners wanted a theme that complimented the architecture and California location of their office. Tropical was a natural fit as many of their clients are based in the Midwest and northeast where tropicals cannot grow. The straight lines of the palms also enhanced the geometric architecture of the building. A low groundcover was introduced around the courtyard wall to expose its shape.

This Fresno site was particularly challenging in that I had never designed a space like this before. The products sold at this location had to be displayed in a manner that was both effective at showcasing the broad range of materials offered, while arranging them in a design that was creative and a good use of space. The water feature was located at the west end of the display area near the koi & aquatic plants for sale.

Originally I was approached to provide a planting scheme for pots that were to be added to this Clovis shopping center site. Concurrently, new retail space, water features and park were under development. Following completion of the pot design, I was asked to develop a planting, lighting and sod plan for the park area that was under construction. Shade & flowering trees were incorporated in addition to many flowering shrubs and perennials, adding year round color to the site. AG-1 hybrid Bermuda was used for the turf to tolerate the high traffic anticipated for the space.

This project is very special to me. It is located in my neighborhood. Site improvements were abandoned mid-construction and the building sat empty for several years. Fortunately, I knew one of the new developers of the site, and requested to be involved with the landscape design. Drought tolerance and shade value were the main parameters set for me by the owners. Keith Davey Chinese Pistache were used for the shade trees. Shrubs, perennials & groundcovers include Rosemary, Lavender, Deer Grass, Blue Fescue, Karl Foerster Reed Grass, New Zealand Flax, & Lemon Thyme.

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