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The unusually large side yard of this new home is very shady in the afternoon and offered a great opportunity for more patio space for entertaining. We increased the size of the existing rear patio and tied it into this new addition in the side yard. We used a flagstone stamp for the concrete, added a fountain, gas line and power for a future outdoor kitchen, added plants, low voltage lighting, and a garbage can storage area behind the new patio.

For this new custom home, the owners needed a design for the front and backyard landscape. The front yard is very simple with boxwood hedges, roses, and a few small and medium size trees. The backyard design includes a covered swimming pool and spa, hardscape, plant material, low voltage lighting and sod.

The owners of this new, semi custom home added a large shop to their new home and wanted to landscape the space that was left. They had a wish list- outdoor kitchen, spa, outdoor fireplace, custom water feature, built in seating throughout, landscape lighting, screening of the A/C unit, plant material and lawn. Their new home had a unique brick veneer on the front elevation that we repeated throughout the back for continuity of material. The plan was drawn in spring of 2008 and installation of all features completed in 2009. Photos were taken in spring of 2011.

The owners of this new custom home wanted a lawn free front yard with some relaxed Japanese garden elements incorporated. The concrete walkway from the driveway and city sidewalk, were existing. A dry waterfall and creek bed were designed, and cross the entry walk to connect the two sides of the yard using a highly visible feature. A Japanese Maple near the dry waterfall continues the suggestion of elevation created by the boulders. The repetition of Tanyosho Pines acts to further connect the two sides of the yard. A Japanese Black Pine pom pom uses the garage wall and smaller flowerbed as a canvas for better viewing as a focal point. Repetition of the same groups of plants throughout the yard unifies the space.

The landscape that came came with this new, semi-custom home was very basic. The owners opted to upgrade to olive trees, installed by the builder, but the original trees were planted too deep and started to fail. We removed the new, original landscape and added a paved concrete courtyard with pots, a courtyard wall with veneer to match the house, new olive trees, AG-1 hybrid Bermuda lawn, boulders, concrete mow strip, wrought iron gates, new plants, and landscape lighting.

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