Drought Tolerant

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Drought Tolerant 08

This home located in north Fresno was also a typical Fresno landscape with mostly lawn and a perimeter of flowerbeds. As a cul-de-sac lot, the front yard is very long and narrow which provided opportunities to accentuate the length of the space. We removed the lawn, installed Lemon Cove boulders, potted blue Agave’s, transplanted existing New Zealand Flax, Rosemary, Autumn Sage, Myoporum, Blue Fescue, Artemisia, potted Cordyline, dwarf…

Drought Tolerant 07

The owners of this corner lot mid-century modern home realized the amount of water being used for landscape irrigation was substantial due to the size of the yard. They wanted a very minimalist, modern design to compliment the architectural style of the home. We used Blue Agave, Desert Spoon, Desert Willow, thornless Palo Verde, Italian Cypress, and rock mulch. The irrigation method was converted to drip irrigation.

Drought Tolerant 06

This home located in north Fresno had a traditional landscape with mostly lawn and a perimeter of flowerbeds. Due to the elevation of the property, much of the lawn irrigation ran off onto the city sidewalk. The homeowners wanted a more California friendly landscape, while preserving 2 mature Japanese Maples. We removed the lawn and installed a small dry creek with low water use plants and drip irrigation.

Drought Tolerant 05

This home located in Old Fig Garden had a traditional landscape with mostly lawn and a perimeter of flowerbeds. The homeowner wanted to transition the space to a waterwise landscape, eliminating the lawn and installing low water use plants attractive to pollinators. Following a spray program to kill the old lawn, the lawn was removed, the site graded for drainage, new plants, shade trees and drip irrigation installed.

Drought Tolerant 04

This backyard was Fresno typical- grass in the center with a perimeter of landscape. We removed the lawn, and added a flagstone path and patio for a shaded seating area. Soil was imported to create low mounds. We potted an existing Japanese Maple and made it a focal point from the new patio. Colorful plants material is irrigated with a new drip system. Hummingbirds approved of the Salvias…