Residential Remodels

Residential Remodel 19


This was an extensive front yard renovation. Mature Flowering Pear and Canary Island Pine trees were removed. All of the existing concrete walks, driveway and guest parking was removed. Care was taken to preserve many existing plants- the trees adjacent the residence, and many mature Camellias and Azaleas. New block walls, pillars and wrought iron, with automated gates at the driveway and entry were added. The creation of a courtyard adds privacy to the entry. Colored concrete was used for the new driveway, guest parking, entry walk and entryway. Two mature Crape Myrtles were added to create balance with two existing Crape Myrtles located adjacent the guest parking. New plant material includes Star Jasmine vine & groundcover, white Flower Carpet Roses, Loropetalum, Bletilla, Japanese Iris, Liriope, Heuchera, Dahlia, Calla Lily, braided Olive Patio Trees, and Boxwood ‘Green Beauty’. Landscape lighting illuminates the step in the entry walk, the trees, and courtyard fountain.