Residential Remodels

Residential Remodel 07


The original entry steps to this property were poorly designed- they went in two different directions around a central planter, and the planter interfered with the view of the residence. For this remodel, it made more sense to simplify the entry steps and incorporate raised planters to frame the view rather than interrupt it. A landing was added at the street in front of the raised planters for ease of access from vehicles. Four identical raised beds separated by a ground level bed were designed to frame the new colored concrete entry steps. An artificial stone veneer added to the face of the raised beds was repeated at the base of the wood columns on the front porch for continuity of materials. The owners preferred greenery with white for flower coloration, so Iceberg roses, white Dianthus, and cone Privet were used in the planting plan. The Japanese Maples near the residence were preserved and incorporated into the new design.